April 1, 2013

[April's Fools Joke] SuperTuxKart 1337

We are pleased to announce a new edition of STK called SuperTuxKart 1337, or lite, which will be a stripped down version of the game for low-powered devices. We owe Minecraft our gratitude for showing that you can make a modern game with low system resource requirements, and we will therefore have this special edition run on the Java(R) platform under the Cube engine using a wrapper.

Remodelling in progress

More info to come soon.


  1. Minecraft and supertuxkart together.:-)

  2. Why do you ruin the April Fool's joke by announcing the joke in the title? I'm very disappointed! :(

    But good joke anyway. :)

    BTW, I wouldn't call a kart with ~36000 verts "lite". XD


    1. lol I was wondering if anyone would notice the vert count :p
      and the title originally didn't have joke in the title, it was just changed that way so people later on wouldn't get confused ;)


  3. even joke, i think interesting if some volunteer really wanna do it