September 10, 2013

Graphics final: statsy

As nothing major will be happening on the graphics front from now on (docs, cleanups), let's print some stats for our loyal followers.

Splashing on some pics to not scare you out outright with numbers. That's one damn cool looking barrel in the shadow if I say so myself.

That glass is wavy. Distortion effects can now be used in underwater/aquarium levels.

Anyway, to the main meat. Any bugfixes and other code that could go directly to trunk has gone there, so these numbers are a bit short for measuring all the work I have done. They are only the graphics parts that couldn't be merged with 0.8.1 not yet out.

162 files changed, 8410 insertions(+), 1509 deletions(-)

We're around 10k changed graphics lines.

By file count, 68 out of 162 or 42% are shaders; by line count, shaders account for ~2000 lines, or 20%.

The top-10 files with most changes are:
 src/graphics/render.cpp                            | 787 +++++++++++++++++++++
 src/graphics/callbacks.cpp                         | 744 +++++++++++++++++++
 src/graphics/post_processing.cpp                   | 724 +++++++++++++++----
 src/graphics/callbacks.hpp                         | 683 ++++++++++++++++++
 src/graphics/material.cpp                          | 620 ++--------------
 src/graphics/irr_driver.cpp                        | 353 ++++++---
 src/graphics/lens_flare.cpp                        | 264 +++++++
 src/graphics/shaders.cpp                           | 256 +++++++
 src/utils/helpers.cpp                              | 220 ++++++
 src/graphics/mlaa_areamap.hpp                      | 200 ++++++

To end this, posting the final and only video, one of source code ;)

The music is Ancient tale by Radek, CC-BY.

(in case you wonder why: nobody likes watching jerky fraps-like captures, I don't have a capture card, and STK doesn't support non-realtime capturing (yet).)

Wrapping up, your graphics dude.