June 8, 2010

Summer Penguin

Summer is drawing on, so what's going on with STK?
Not as much as we'd wish, I'm afraid; for one, I'm now working full-time for an internship; Joerg was on a trip so didn't have time to do much work. Still, work has continued! You can first and foremost see that new tracks have been converted to the 0.7 format :
(also notice the improved translucent speedometer and new character icons by yeKcim. Thanks yeKcim!)

An animation scene has been added for when a player loses a Grand Prix :

The GUI has been extended so that it is now possible to select a skin. As an example, here is the peach skin by Dakal. This way everyone will have a look to their liking :)

Furthermore, the key bindings screen has been substantially improved. It is now possible to define keys specifically for menu navigation, this means you no more have to use "accelerate" to go up and "brake" to go down!

And, finally, support for RTL languages like Hebrew has also been added through the use of fribidi (the linux and windows build systems are not yet updated for it, however).


  1. Sorry for being so slow that you had to step in, Auria, but thanks for doing so anyway! :)

  2. Hei when will we see the 0.7 beta or the 3rd alpha of STK?? :D

    please I love this game..and be sure when STK will support multiplayer it will become soon one of the most played Linux Game

  3. I'm so delighted to hear about the project's progress. You do an awsome job.

  4. Florian R. A. AngermeierJune 14, 2010 at 12:14 PM

    Nice progress! :D

  5. As someone whose kept an eye on this project for a while, I'm glad to hear improvements continue. :)

    Best of Luck!

  6. I'm running the SVN of STK, and I must say that it is impressive. But you've screwed up in the AI department, not that its unbeatable or anything, but it's not as fun as it used to be. I used to be able to play STK to relax; now with the AI + Reverse-Powerup; you have to pay so much dang attention to the game.

    I play STK much less than I used to.

  7. @Anonymous; I agree; I don't care for the 'switch' powerup either, I also don't care for the fact the almost every turn requires you to skid- some skidding is fun, but I think the developers went overboard with that.

    I think that should be more levels than 3; and the GP's should have different difficulty levels


  8. Hi,

    thanks for the feedback. It is actually nice to read that people are starting to complain about the AI being too good, as opposed to the usual "the AI is too bad" - so basically a step in the right direction. But re your points: we have already reduced the probability to receive the switch item, so this might make the game a bit more relaxed. And while we have no intention to make the hard AI any weaker, we will try to tune the medium AI down if necessary - any suggestions welcome (e.g. should the medium AI not use the switching item at all??). It would also be good to have at least one more item to give to the first player (things like cake, balls are currently considered to be too strong, first player only gets switch and bubble gum) - more items means less probability for the switcher, and making the game more interesting, too. One idea I have is to make bananas a collectable item (so you drop bananas), which I guess wouldn't be too much of an advantage for a player already ahead ... though it's not actually a new or great idea obviously, so I would prefer something new. As always, suggestions welcome :)