November 26, 2012

String freeze for 0.8

Hi all,

just to let all translators know that we have now frozen the strings for 0.8. We expect the first release candidate in a few days - depending how we go with the final known bugs and outstanding improvements.

If everything goes well, we might have a release tentatively hopefully in around 2 weeks time.

Also, we want to thank everyone reporting bugs and giving feedback on the 0.8 alpha version - with your help we can release 0.8 with more confidence knowing things are working like they should (of course, we can't guarantee anything). Keep 'em coming. :)


  1. About Freaking Time! ;D

    lol hope this all goes according to plan.

  2. I tried stk o.8 on my mac with OS 10.6.8, but couldn't play it, because I wasn't able to configure a keyboard layout with a working "shoot"-button. also several icons didn't draw but leave blank fields on the startscreen. Hope it helps to get a new, fascinating version of stk working.

  3. Wow, after a few months I decided to check and see if there was any news and I see this. Great! downloading source now...