May 28, 2013

Graphics guy saying hi

Greetings all! My name's Lauri (cand), and I'll be working on bringing some graphical improvements to STK this summer.

Here's the initial timeline:

Weeks 1-2: Groundwork (such as a wrapper class to ease loading shaders), glow (including bloom, since it's very similar), and smoothed minimap

Weeks 3-4: Lighting, including rim lighting for the karts

Initial plan is to implement a light prepass system.

Weeks 5-6: MLAA, SSAO

Weeks 7-8: God rays, motion blur

Weeks 9-10: Water

This will include screen-space reflections, simulated caustics, and vertex
animation via scrolling textures.

Weeks 11-12: Grass, and wrapping up

If there's some part of STK that's been poking you in the eye, or some effect you absolutely must have, leave a comment - the plan's not set in stone.

After each period, I'll be posting some comparison shots, before and after, of that period's progress.

Signing out.


  1. STK will look amazing after this summer!

  2. higher poly karts & players would be nice, but your schedule is tackling the more important areas.
    In short: looks good, happy to have you here, happy coding!

  3. Hmm... Rain effect rendering is slow. You can see it in lower machines such as celeron 1,7 and integrated graphics card. Actually it is a ticket #892. I suppose it is a simple thing to change it.

    Also skidding effect was slow. I improved it (created two different emitors), but it looks poor :-P

    Everything other is relatively good.


  4. Lauri, rock dat thing.

  5. Just throwing it out there, but a slider to get the graphics your machine can handle would be great so that newer machines can crank out those pixels, while slower machines can crank out those frame rates.

  6. Nitro (blue and green) will need glow -> take a look at this

    Then i made a temporary skidding particle but i think we will have to replace it by something like glow for this like in MK (skidding level 1: yellow/ level 2: green) ->

  7. Looking forward to this! Will you be able to submit these changes upstream to the Irrlicht Engine?

  8. Anon, none of these changes would be in Irrlicht, they're entirely in the STK side.

    We do need a couple patches in Irr to use these features, all of them have already been posted 2-3 years ago. Irr people don't really review often ;)

    Totoplus, glow for the objects is included in the first session.

    Deve, I can confirm the slow rain, it's a fillrate killer currently.

    Manico, there may not be enough time for shadows.

  9. When are you gonna post the comparison shots of your changes???