August 13, 2014

SuperTuxKart Track Editor beta released!

Hi everyone!

I am happy to share the good news: the editor is ready for an open beta! Did you always want to create a track, but found Blender too complicated? Are you not afraid of trying a software which may crash? Are you ready to work hours on a track just to kill the program and lose everything? Are you good at finding bugs, reproducing and reporting them? Cool! I’m a pro marketing guy. This is our day!

After the last paragraph I am almost sure you can’t deny your desire to try the editor. How can you get it?

For this special event I made a binary version again. You can download it from here:

The zip contains an editor directory. Move it to your stk data directory, which contains Textures, Tracks, etc. All you have to do then is run the exe.

If you are a Linux user unfortunately you have to build the sources yourself – I doubt it will cause much pain anyway.
The repository is still the same:
You have to build irrlicht as well. Be careful and read the readme – most likely you have to modify an Irrlicht header.
Also, the SuperTuxKart wiki has a manual and a short tutorial for the editor:

If you have any question, idea, or just found a bug, you can find me here, on the forum, or on irc.
I hope you will enjoy your work ;)



  1. screen cast on ubuntu

  2. Cool. The film doesn't show driving on the track, though. I assume it does work well, though :)

  3. Guys! You are great!

  4. No funciona en Windows 8 :(

  5. Oh, I did not try on Win 8, however I thought it should definitely work.
    I'll check on my laptop with windows 8.1, and build there if it doesn't work.
    Sorry : (

  6. It works for me.
    What happens exactly when you run the executable?

  7. Oh my Gauss!
    Now it works!

    It appeared to me that a message type of "smart screen protected his windows pc blah blah ..."

    Amazing editor!
    I'll try and thanks! :)

  8. Can anyone help me by giving some general advice?
    Some days ago I always had an "appcrash" after selecting the trackname, the size and so on and the editor was closed automatically.
    Now I reinstalled it and now even earlier (as soon as I select the data folder after opening the editor) the editor crashes.
    Is there any general advice what I could do?
    Thank you very much.

    1. OK. Now it works. Copied it into the wrong folder. Sorry, that was really stupid of me. :-(

    2. If you have any problem, you should rather use the forum. I don't often check this old blog post lately.

      The editor has an own topic:

  9. Hi Guys you are best

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  11. in windows 8, we have to run as an administrator to run the editor.. :)

  12. can you please reupload the binary file for windows again? it's not downloadable anymore

  13. could you please reupload the Windows files?