February 17, 2016

SuperTuxKart will be present at Japan Impact 2016

Hi everyone!
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It has been a long time since the previous blog post. A lot of things happened on the backstage, but before going into the details, we have exciting news for all European players.

We will be present at Japan Impact 2016 Convention at the Swiss Gaming Federation stand. You will be able to play unreleased tracks, meet Sam, our lead artist, and CyberPangolin, a dedicated french speaking youtuber who has made many videos about our beloved racing game.

We are also happy to announce we have two new contributors.
  • Eldermé who is refactoring the 3D renderer and correcting bugs on Intel HD GPU
  • Benau who implemented a new font rendering engine based on TTF fonts. He also finished the battle AI, which means you will be able soon to play "3 Strikes Battle" against the computer. We might also eventually use this to extend story mode with a few battles! A "Soccer Mode" AI and finishing ghost replay feature in "Time Trial" mode are also features he has been working on.
Playing against bots in arena mode

We are also making progress toward online multiplayer. One of the current major tasks are polishing the UI to make it easy to launch a server, create a new race, etc. However another minor release this year before getting the online features ready is to be expected.


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  2. Great work! The AI improvements sound like a dramatic expansion in terms of game possibilities.

  3. Gogogo team keep the throtle at the maximum

  4. Gogogo team keep the throtle at the maximum

  5. I want this game to become #1 kart racer cause it's free.

  6. Stop giving us eye candy with every much anticipated update. The game already looked perfect three years ago!
    All we want is multiplayer! This is what kart games are about. Please keep the game simple, so it keeps running on mobile devices.

  7. what happened to the add-on's?, the most of tracks and karts are deleted...

  8. > All we want is multiplayer!

    +1. I want to get multiplayer as fast as it possible!

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  11. I notice a frame rate issue too with 2 tracks specifically (others are fine): Gran Paradiso Island and Carnival del Cacao.
    For me it's been continuous (rather than a degradation). There are countless "hiccups" where the screen freezes for 1-3 seconds. It's so bad that it's very difficult to steer my vehicle or use a power up, because you can't tell if the keystrokes were registered or not, so a lot of times you end up overcompensating and drive in zig-zags...plus it's annoying when a 5 minute race takes 10 minutes of real time to complete.
    These 2 tracks are only slowed down when I have another program, like a web browser, running at the same time...otherwise they're as smooth as any other track.

    Also, the AI in Beehive (beta) is waaaay too easy...It's impossible for me to NOT get 1st place on that track because all the AI karts fly off the road why they get to the big ramp.

    Also, Old Star Track might need a little tweaking.
    1) a lot of times the 1st position kart appears underneath the track at the beginning of a race. It has to respawn to get back to the track.
    2)The other kart have a speed handicap. No matter what kart I choose for myself, the AI ones are faster (without the use of powerups)

  12. Nice work Guys!
    Eye candy is beautiful modern graphical effect, this is nice!

    How to Make SuperTuxKart Perfect:

    1) The physics and collision behaviour is horrible, please make collisions behaviour better (no bounce effect)

    2) Stk needs more quality tracks, arenas and karts, (tracks more long and dynamic)

    3) The PowerUps/Bonus needs graphics and behaviour revision (to set the new stk standard quality).
    The bananas aren't funny, and the PowerUps pickup needs a scrooling time to increase surprise and suspense (Mario kart style) before get it actually to use.

    4) We Need More Quality Arenas to Play with Friends in Battle Mode

    5) Online Multiplayer will make Stk popular, a lot of people wait Online Multiplayer to play Stk.

    6) Tracks Needs to Be More Long, 2:00 Minute is Best Time to Complete a Lap. It Allows to Play 6 Minutes in a 3 Laps Race (Vulcano Island revision 2 is perfect for me!) ;-)

    1. I agree that the banannas looke a bit oout of place and the cakes explodinding looks wierd (is it possible to make them splatter?)

  13. I just wanted to add a huge THANK YOU to all the designers and other members of the production team!!

    I've been a fan of Mario Kart for many years (to SNES), so when I started playing Tux Kart last year, it was instantly a source of neverending fun...I think I've LITERALLY been playing it everyday.

    I know that sounds weird...but more importantly, it's been therapeutic. I've had a terrible time with depression. It's paralyzing and recently worse than ever. Playing a few tracks of SuperTuxKart has often been one of the very few things that gives me the energy, focus and peace of mind to get through the day. Somehow you guys found a way to combine simplicity and immersion and fun in a single game.

    So I just want to say I'm very grateful, and may possibly owe my life to you guys....so, again, thank you! :)

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