September 28, 2021

SuperTuxKart 1.3 release

The SuperTuxKart team is happy to announce the release of version 1.3. Online play is still compatible with the previous 1.x versions. Here are the changes compared to release candidate:

Clickable URLs in text

After feedback, we made URLs in text on STK UI clickable! It uses native functions, some of which are powered by SDL2 SDL_OpenURL, to determine a suitable application to open links too:
Telegram links can be opened in Android
You can open the walkthrough videos as well!

Minor tracks fixes

The unpopular Las Dunas Soccer Stadium has been revised thanks to feedback from the STK community and now features a new simplified and symmetric soccer pitch. We hope it gives the STK community another good choice of soccer field!

We also added lap line extensions, which makes sure the lap counting still takes place even if you drive a little bit off the road, to the following tracks:
  • Hacienda
  • Old Mine
  • Ravenbridge Mansion
  • Shifting Sands
Now, if you cross inside these 2 red boxes, your lap is still counted

Complete list of changes can be found here. Download the latest release now, we hope you enjoy the 1.3 release!


  1. Thanks ! Pretty sure the update will me in my distro's repo very soon.

    Its an amazing example of opensource gaming, in some ways i prefer to MarioKart on the switch ..

  2. Please, create a universal AppImage please.

  3. Hello all, I will try to install supertuxkart 1.3 in my macosx mojave. But I encounter issue when I try to lauch app for first time. For reminder, stk 1.2 work perfectly

  4. nice! can you show us the new karts?

  5. My equipment is 10 years old - and STK 1.2 still works OK - but starting up STK 1.3 is an infinite hang and it can't run ... will the New Racers and new Karts Introduced in 1.3 (Like "Pepper") eventually be add-on Karts for 1.2? Thank you for this incredible game ... even though I can't upgrade STK versions any more.

  6. Wow! I just rediscovered STK on my Android phone after having played with my kids in 2007 on my then already aging Linux box.
    Thank you so much for this wonderful game!

  7. Hi devs,just a quick suggestion for the mobile version,can you provide an option for touch steering like in Asphalt 8? I feel like it's really difficult to steer the car with the steering wheel,I keep hitting the rescue button because I have big hands and they keep hitting the rescue button due to sweat. Or if you can't implement this function,give us atleast the option to edit the HUD layout so this doesn't happen as frequently as it is.