July 28, 2009

Bugfix release 0.6.2 planned [UPDATED!]

EDIT: Sorry everyone, I was concluding too quickly. After writing to our project leader hiker, I got this answer:
If we get confirmation that the 'sudden crash' bug is fixed, and Auria and myself have time, we'll do a .2 release.
Thus, don't count on it, and I am very sorry for this incident. I did not intend to create hopes for something that might not happen. Next time around, I will make sure if a new branch means a new release.
Let's hope 0.7 will come soon to replace your disappointment with joy.


Because of some minor bugs, one of them regarding the plunger item, a new bugfix release has been suggested by the SuperTuxKart team. One of the reasons behind this decision is the upcoming version of the popular Linux distribution 'Ubuntu'. 0.6.2 will probably become the last version of the SuperTuxKart 0.6 series.


  1. when will you release this update before the 0.7?

  2. Not sure; this will depend on several factors, including the packagers. A couple of weeks maybe.

  3. Cool! I'm using unbuntu and like STK very much (I play it almost every day). It was great to see how much STK improved when I upgraded to Ubuntu 9.04. Of course the next time there will "only" be a slightly improved STK version - I'm really looking forward to play it, though.

  4. Sorry mates, we have to wait and see what the developers are deciding. But it might happen just as well.

  5. on my mac the thing keeps quiting}