August 5, 2009

10 000 pageviews!

Yes, you read that right. This blog have gotten over 10 000 pageviews and over 6300 visits from 83 countries. "Now, who cares?" you might ask. Well, it proves to me that there are actually interest in regular updates about the SuperTuxKart development. But we would never have come this far without all you faithful readers; thank you for following us. :)

Furthermore I would like to thank our project leader hiker for leading the development; without him I don't think STK would have existed in the shape it's in now. And a special thanks goes to Auria, for helping with the blog layout, giving extra information here and there and proofreading my posts.

Now, if there's anything you readers want changed in the blog, you got the chance to tell now. Perhaps the regularity of postings, what topics we cover and so on (yeah, I know, correct information will help a lot; see my previous post for a bad example ;)). I can't promise to please everybody, but we'll try to do our best.