December 1, 2010

SuperTuxKart 0.7 release candidate 1 released

As many of the most avid STK followers already know by now, SuperTuxKart RC1 has just been released:

After a burst of changes and fixes in the last few days we have finally released a first release candidate for 0.7:

The changes compared to 0.6.2a are too numerous to list, main points would be:

  • New graphics engine
  • New GUI
  • Kart and track animations
  • New and improved tracks, karts, and items
  • Shortcut/alternative way support for tracks

Compared to 0.7alpha3 challenges, unlocking etc. should all work now (though there is still a debug icon in the menu, which will be removed before the final release :oops: ).

The one thing missing are translations - since we added strings even in the last week, the translations are not up-to-date yet. If you want to help out with translations have a look at our wiki page: we are basically using launchpad, details are at

Feedback as always is welcome - be it here, or bugs in our tracker


Joerg, December 1, 2010

So if you haven't already, grab it, test and leave your feedback. :)


  1. It's incredible how far SuperTuxKart has come since being the Game of the Month project. Keep up the good work and thanks for all the effort you guys put into it!

  2. where is the multiplayer mode?
    can you add this mode please

  3. Hi Henri,

    for split screen multiplayer just press the key/button in the kart selection screen on the corresponding device, and the players will be added. Note that we do not recommend to play with more than one person on one keyboard (see

    Network multiplayer is not yet supported, but will come in the future.


  4. good job on the new release candidate.

    Supertux kart is a fun game with an active develpment team

    looking forward to network multiplayer option

    Thanks, from australia :D

  5. Wow this is great! The game has really come a long way. Here are a few suggestions and things I liked.

    -The Old Mine track is too narrow. It's good to have a challenge, but it feels like luck determines whether I win or lose. In one of the bumps near the curving incline I often get stuck too. I think this track could be amazing, it just needs to be widened a bit.
    -Are you going to put a section in the character select screen where it shows the kart's speed and turning? I think some of the karts handle differently, but I'm not sure.
    -A character select screen for when you go into challenges would be good. Not a big deal though since the game chooses whoever I played as last time.
    -Mozilla and Kongi do not seem to be as detailed as everyone else.
    -Minor grammar mistake - it's "go bowling" instead of "play bowling."

    -The Scotland track is great! I like the boosts near the end. The track is great as it is.
    -I love all the graphical improvements. I like Canyon and Star Track a lot more now.
    -I love the winning/losing animations. Especially Tux, Adiumy, and Pidgin.
    -I love the Follow the Leader mode. Very original.
    -I love how fast-paced this game is. I think I actually like the speed here more than what Mario Kart has. :)
    -Gnu is AWESOME. Definitely keep that character as an unlockable. :)

    Otherwise, this is a great alternative to Mario Kart and ModNation Racers. This game really deserves more attention! :D

  6. the game has some bugs:
    - Background on some routes flickers and passes the
    - FTP can drop below 15, when you hover on the edge of the mountain such as graphics on the route bakach
    - That will be introduced multi-mode, because it meant that the game would become more popular.

  7. Thanks everyone for the feedback;
    Iron Seagul : currently all karts are identical in the physics except for their size. Different kart abilities are the kind of thing that could come later
    mariusz: the background bug in scotland is known and was fixed; if you found similar bugs in other tracks please report, however.
    Regarding FPS, we'll do out best to improve that, of course a decent gpu will be needed. You can disable kart animations and track animations in options to get a FPS boost.
    Regarding multi-mode, I suppose you mean network, because local multiplayer games are already possible.

  8. which key please ( i'm on a mac ! )

  9. i haven't got the same ones.

  10. hey can you speak french everyone?
    me yes i have some difficulty to speak your langage...

  11. look this image

    this is a old version

    look an error image XD

    but stk remain stk

    hey the bloggers are you here?

  12. henri, what are you trying to say? You don't need to post several comments - throw all questions into one, or, preferably, start a topic here:

  13. hey do you accept a photo of stk 0.7-cr-1with my mobile phone please ?

  14. Accept? Accept as what - as evidence of any graphics bug? Go ahead and post it, but please tell what's wrong as well.

  15. Arthur I would like to know how to put a photograph of supertuxkart on the blog but I will like to announce you an anomaly wilber doesn't move
    please help

    p.s: i'm french i have problem to speak english

  16. If you can wait until Auria has the time to speak with you (I will tell her when I see her online), she can ask you some questions in french.
    This will make it easier to communicate. :)

  17. thank you arthur for your help
    forgive me of my bad writing
    but can i ask you a question :
    are you are you a programmer of supertuxkart?
    so yes since when?

  18. Unfortunately I'm not a programmer - I just play the game, give feedback and bug reports. And every now and then I help with other small things like finding new music, fixing small bugs in tracks and things like that.

    So I'm mostly just an avid follower. :)

  19. OK arthur me i'm just a fan and i have the game obviously
    but it's me who had the idea of the christmas edition
    (en français no ël avec tous les cadeaux)
    in french christmas with all surprise
    me I compose musics of any types
    rap dancefloor classical music etc...
    but I dream to put them in stk
    hey !... do you know how to put photographs on the blog

  20. Okay, cool. :)
    About photographs on the blog: readers can't upload the photos on the blog itself - you need to use other sites such as or similar, and then give the link here (as you did earlier). Or you can use the forum, which supports uploading to the forum itself.

  21. ok thank you very much

  22. henri,

    le blog n'est pas vraiment un endroit approprié pour rapporter des bugs ou discuter des fonctionnalités, il serait plus approprié de poster sur le forum s'il-te-plait

  23. ok mais je ne me retrouve pas trop tu sais je suis un nouveau alors moi je
    suis allé sur source game devellopement et j'ai trouvé supertuxkart forum
    mais je ne suis pas sur que se soit celui-ci peut-tu m'indiquer s'îl-te-plaît
    l'endroit où se trouve le forum
    Arthur est anglais alors j'ai un peu essayé de comprendre mais j'ai du mal
    alors il m'a dit qu'il te préviendrai n'empêche que je rapporterai qulques idées sur le blog
    par exemple je compose souvent des musiques souvent des musiques qui iraient avec les niveaux
    merci aussi de ton aide parce que je me perds parfois dans l'anglais

  24. Hello, i have ubuntu 10.10 and geforce 6200 (260.19.06).

    When I turn on full screen and set a 1025x768 resolution the screen flashes (60hz refresh?). Can I change it somehow?

    When I try to exit full screen mode, the game freezes.

  25. Anonymous, weird that full-screen flashes, we have never seen this issue before =/
    About freezing when exiting full-screen, I thought this was fixed. *sigh* This is very difficult on Linux because drivers aren't always good

  26. I captured some footage of the Linux 0.7 Linux client.

    If you would rather skip my “hilarious/witty” banter (shame on you) and see the gameplay; it starts at 2:50.

    Fantastic job guys, cheers,

  27. Great work toward STK 0.7!
    Is it possible to have a "language selection" in the options, and set the (first-time) default language to English?
    I'm running 0.7 RC1 on Mac OS X 10.6 in Traditional Chinese. Without the
    "" installed, it runs like this:

    I mean, probably it is nicer not to bind the STK language to the OS language, unless the user specifies their preferred one.
    After all, not everyone likes to play with a translated version. :PP

  28. Ryan Lei: the next time, we'll make sure that the game defaults to english if the asiatic font is not installed =)

    And yes, I agree a menu to select the language could be an interesting feature

  29. Auria: Ha, that's a nice solution. XD

  30. Frickin' amazing! I was initially thinking "meh, Linux games are nothing to shake a stick at, and this has only semi-decent graphics judging by the intro screen." Then I started to play it, and I realized that it has some /really/ fun gameplay. As of 0.6.13, I'm impressed by the physics, the not-too-serious gameplay, the creativity of question mark boxes and kart interactions, intelligence and semi-realism of the computer-AI, and (sad as it is that I have to say) the stability. Great game!

    Thank you *so* much for putting some clearly quality effort into this sucker.

  31. A nice film of STK 0.7 rc1:

  32. The rc1 for FreeBSD is online: