June 28, 2011


Let's see if I can survive even when using such a blatantly silly pun in the title. ;P

This month we saw the first release candidate of the upcoming 0.7.2 release, the main news being the integrated add-on manager. But unfortunately, there were a bug causing the game to fail in creating the necessary folders, creating some headaches and confusions as to what the problem were since not everyone had this problem. One could say that it's not good to release a version with a new feature when the new feature didn't work, but that's why it's called RC, right? We can probably expect a new RC in not too long, which will include the fix.

We've got a new kart in STK; meet Beastie, the mascot of FreeBSD. Thanks to funto for providing the kart and icon.

The big news, however, is the work on a new weapon for STK. That's right, we get even more fun gadgets to use on our opponents. The details and the model for the weapon is still a work in progress, and thus I'll only give a brief description. The hammer/swatter is a close-range weapon which you can mount on the kart by firing it. It will then stay for a set amount of time, or until it finds a target to hit. The target can either be a close-running kart, or a weapon on its way to hit you. If it's a kart, the hammer/swatter will hit it making the kart look squashed, and its top speed is halved for the amount of time it is squashed. If it's a weapon, it acts like a shield and defends against it ( but it only stops explosive weapons thus far). Hard to take a screenshot of how a weapon works, and the current model is only a placeholder, so I guess you'll just have to try it for yourself when the time comes.

There has been a lot of progress in the track and kart exporters for Blender 2.5x, such that most tracks and some karts have been converted to 2.5 in order to fix potential issues with the exporters and for setting up the .blend files to use the new integrated STK properties panel. This doesn't mean it's 100% safe for widespread use, but it's getting there.

Add in the usual bunch of misc fixes, and I think you get the picture: SuperTuxKart only gets better and better. ;)


  1. I am glad that there is a progress. Keep it up, guys. :)

  2. Yay for more karts! The new weapon sounds great too, I've been hoping for a way to defend my kart from incoming cupcakes. XD

  3. Okay... I know i'm doing this as Anonymous, and you don't like us Anonymouses doing this, but I think I know why I objected so much to the New GUI before. I have a big screen, compared, at least, to the screen you got that screenshot of. I use a 1600x900 resolution, and so the rank, track, and so forth are a lot smaller for me than for the person in that screenshot.
    So, my recomondation to you (you can ignore this, if you want) is this: make that proportionate to the selected screensize.

  4. Anonymous, the GUI is already proportionate to the screen size :/ maybe our scaling formula could be tweaked though, if other people agree (I can well imagine other people complain that the GUI is now too big)

  5. Alright.. It didn't look like it was. I apologize for the bother.