February 23, 2017

SuperTuxKart is on Steam Greenlight: Support us!

Dear fans,

In the last blog post we promised to have two big surprises this year and today we are ready to show you the first one.

Finally after a lot of requests and months of hard work we are launching SuperTuxKart on Steam Greenlight. We made a trailer showcasing the gameplay of the game featuring two new tracks, Cornfield Crossing and Ravenbridge Mansion.


Don't hesitate to vote for us and share it with your friends

Steam Greenlight is a service allowing creators to submit their game for inclusion into Steam, a digital game distribution platform. Gamers can vote and mark those they want included in Steam.

Therfore we think it's important for the future of SuperTuxKart and Open Source games in general to be able to reach new players. It will increase SuperTuxKart's visibility, bringing new players and potentially new contributors.

Linux gaming scene and SuperTuxKart have changed a lot since our humble beginning in 2006. At the time there weren't a lot of native Linux games and GPU drivers were often unstable and unable to use advanced functions essential to make a modern 3D game. The release of Steam for Linux in February 2013 changed the situation. A lot of AAA games started to be compatible with Linux, pushing the quality of hardware support and debug tools.  SuperTuxKart was able to benefit in an indirect manner via better GPU drivers for Linux.

No matter what happen in the next few months, SuperTuxKart will remain open source and we will always continue to distribute the main game via our website.


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  3. isn't a good things if to run supertuxkart i need to install proprietary video-card driver. Please do a good job in make supertuxkart work good whit free as in freedom video drivers like nouveau.