August 9, 2013

Want to play online ?

Hi you,

After my last post which was very technical about the network, I wanted here to show you at what point is currently the online racing in your favorite open-source game ! So I've decided to make a short video for you to see that you can starting from now play online with other players, as long as you don't have high pings (<100ms).
I didn't know where was the server when I recorded the video but now I can tell, the server is in Paris, France, and my ping to the server is under 50ms. This is important because there is no lag compensation yet, but don't worry hiker is working on it :).
For instance, i played with Arthur who has a ping (from Norway) of 75ms to that server. Turned out that we felt the lag while playing essentially concerning picking powerups.

I won't make you wait, here's the video.

Do not hesitate to send your comments here or on youtube !
Robin 'hilnius' Nicollet


  1. Cool! I am eagerly awaiting the next version!

  2. Same, i'm impatient, When we play STK 0.8.1 ????

    1. At this point, it's too hard to tell. But I am pretty sure it will be out before the end of the year.

  3. Cool, great work! I look forward to playing STK networked!!!

  4. I've been waiting for network multiplayer ever since the physics update that made STK actually fun to play. I'm so excited about this! :-)

  5. This looks promising as many problems seem to be solved already. I suppose the game is already playable in LAN? Though I know lag from plenty of other games I wonder how this could be compensated.
    I've been looking here for news weekly but somehow I missed it because of these long posts concerned with graphics. I personaly see no big need of improvement in this field. I prefer to have STK running on low-spec computers. Multiplayer is the one last stepstone to make this the most succesful opensource game ever!
    Thank you so much for your comitment!

  6. Where can I find the server program? My stk version is 0.9.3

  7. Unfortunately it's still a work in progress.
    Fortunately it's still a work in progress.