February 17, 2016

SuperTuxKart will be present at Japan Impact 2016

Hi everyone!
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It has been a long time since the previous blog post. A lot of things happened on the backstage, but before going into the details, we have exciting news for all European players.

We will be present at Japan Impact 2016 Convention at the Swiss Gaming Federation stand. You will be able to play unreleased tracks, meet Sam, our lead artist, and CyberPangolin, a dedicated french speaking youtuber who has made many videos about our beloved racing game.

We are also happy to announce we have two new contributors.
  • Eldermé who is refactoring the 3D renderer and correcting bugs on Intel HD GPU
  • Benau who implemented a new font rendering engine based on TTF fonts. He also finished the battle AI, which means you will be able soon to play "3 Strikes Battle" against the computer. We might also eventually use this to extend story mode with a few battles! A "Soccer Mode" AI and finishing ghost replay feature in "Time Trial" mode are also features he has been working on.
Playing against bots in arena mode

We are also making progress toward online multiplayer. One of the current major tasks are polishing the UI to make it easy to launch a server, create a new race, etc. However another minor release this year before getting the online features ready is to be expected.