March 25, 2009

12.03.09-24.03.09 commit summary

SuperTuxKart "Irrlicht version" is now the main focus, hence the short list of changes.
But don't worry, the following is a short summary of the changes regarding the Irrlicht version.
  • One kart (Tux) and two tracks (Beach and Lighthouse) was implemented, together with items and a preliminary graphical user interface.
Doesn't sound like much has happened? Well, remember this is only a short summary, and there's really a lot of work behind those few lines in this blog post. First, the developers needs to rewrite the old code to have a good foundation for more features later on. So it will obviously take some time before the Irrlicht version will be playable in the right meaning of the word.
Also, I'm not writing from a programmer's view, hence the somewhat dull summary. ;P

Anyway, as the time goes by, I'll give some peeks of the development and the new features that'll come.
And remember, if you want to help out with SuperTuxKart you're most certainly welcome.

PS: Regarding the screenshots of STK "Irrlicht version" my main computer just broke down, so it might take a while before my promise will be a reality.

March 12, 2009

01.03.09-11.03.09 commit summary

  • An improvement for the 'Mozilla' kart was added
  • Catalan translation was added
  • New track 'Secret Garden' was added, to make sure it won't be forgotten for 0.7
  • Configuration and highscore files in Windows are now stored in $APPDATA/supertuxkart (instead of .). This avoids problems with losing configuration and highscores when uninstalling the game (e.g. while installing a newer version)
Lots of work on the Irrlicht part has been done lately. Actually, it's so much I won't write any of it here, but I'll rather make a more informative post once I've got some questions cleared out with the developers (things are changing quite rapidly now).

March 1, 2009

20.02.09-28.02.09 commit summary

  • The music for 'Snow Mountain' was updated
  • Lots of texture replacements due to unwanted licenses were made
  • Better explosion handling was implemented
The Irrlicht implementation is still progressing nicely. Height computation, items that rotates and can be collected, and improved XML handling/support is among the work done in the last days.