November 26, 2013

SuperTuxKart 0.8.1 released

We are proud to announce the release of SuperTuxKart version 0.8.1.

Full resolution available at Drawing by Mariam Lamrani

This release includes the following features:
  • New track 'STK Enterprise'
  • Updated tracks 'Old Mine', 'Around the Lighthouse' and 'Zen Garden'
  • New modes 'Soccer' and 'Egg Hunt'
  • New karts 'Xue' and 'Sara'
  • Updated 'Beastie' kart
  • Wiimote support (for most Wiimotes; check for instructions and compatibility)
  • Added tutorial
  • Added new 'SuperTux' difficulty
  • New bubblegum shield defensive weapon
  • New combined speedometer and nitro meter
  • Added ability to filter add-ons
  • Updated nitro models
  • Added ability to save and resume Grand Prix
  • Improved skid marks and particle effects

Video available at Trailer by Thomas Fournet

It has taken us a rather long time for a minor release, but most of the developers have been rather busy with mentoring students for the “Google Summer of Code 2013”. On the other hand, we had many contributions from new developers: Dawid Gan tirelessly fixed bugs, making 0.8.1 the minor release with most bug fixes. Johannesr1 added shield functionality to bubblegum. Xenux added filtering of add-ons, Glenn De Jonghe saving of a Grand Prix (just abort a Grand Prix at the beginning of a race, later then restart the same Grand Prix again). Funto and Mohammad Al-Ghannam added a multi-player soccer mode.

You can get the new release from our download page for Windows Vista and newer, MacOSX 10.6 and newer (Intel architecture), and Linux (32-bit and 64-bit Intel/AMD architectures). Windows XP version will follow soon.

We hope you enjoy the new release, and as always we welcome new artists and programmers to join us, either through our forum or our mailing list. Also, you can follow us at Twitter @supertuxkart.

With SuperTuxKart 0.8.1 you can race roaringly rapid or roam ridiculously 'round, whatever you want!

French translation of this blog post:

November 18, 2013

SuperTuxKart 0.8.1 RC1

We are pleased to finally announce the first release candidate for version 0.8.1. Major changes are:

     * New track "STK Enterprise"
     * Updated tracks "The Old Mines", "Lighthouse", "Zen Garden"
     * New Soccer mode
     * New Egg Hunt mode
     * New karts Xue and Sara
     * Updated Beastie kart
     * Wiimote support
     * Added tutorial
     * Added new "SuperTux" difficulty
     * New bubblegum shield weapon
     * New speedometer and nitro meter
     * Add ability to filter addons
     * Updated nitro models
     * Add ability to save and resume Grand Prix
     * Improved skid marks and nitro effects

Obligatory screenie: Old Mine got more shiny!
You can find binaries for Windows and MacOSX over at
We will try to get a Linux static binary as soon as possible
We now have a Linux static binary as well, but in case this doesn't work for you, you can compile the source package yourself. Note that we now use CMake instead of autotools, so be sure to follow the instructions on our wiki.
Also worth mentioning is that while we now have Wiimote support for most such devices around, one specific model is not working yet and hopefully we'll be able to fix that sometime later. See details for that and how to connect your Wiimote over at
That should be all, please help us test and give feedback especially if you notice any problems. Enjoy!