August 30, 2009

"STK w/Irrlicht": Player joining

Welcome to another development update.
A lot of changes has happened under the hood, and as this blog is mainly for the players, I won't go into detail on it. But I want to thank all you developers, and especially our newest crew members for doing such a great job. :)

This time around, I will show how several players can join a game locally.

Two players in the same screen

As the descriptive text at the top says, other players can join simply by pressing 'fire' on their device. In this example, Player 1 had the gamepad assigned, and Player 2 joined thereafter by pressing 'fire' (in this example, the Ctrl key on the keyboard).
The green square shows what kart Player 1 have selected, and the cyan square is for Player 2.
Neat, is it not?

Now, I joined myself, and I'm not that good at multi-tasking that I'll be able to drive two karts at the same time, but anyway we got to wait for the split-screen interface to be recreated.
In the meantime, have fun playing SuperTuxKart 0.6.2, and please report any bugs you might find.


Note: As the "STK w/Irrlicht" branch is still in a very unstable state, the general public is recommended to use the latest stable version (0.6.2) of SuperTuxKart.


  1. Still possible playing two players on a keyboard?

  2. Gallaecio: not at the moment, we'll consider it though.

  3. Loving the new look guys. This is shaping upto be a very polished game.

    Cheers for the update :)

  4. Are more than 2 players possible?

  5. @Anonymous: sure, at least up to 4 as before

  6. Think of KeyBoard! (see F.A.Q)

  7. Woot! Another development update!
    Can't wait for this, looks awesome. The 'Press fire to join' idea sounds very arcade-y: Very good for a kart racing game.

    But what's all this about not being able to play two people on the same keyboard?

  8. @TheGeek: See our FAQ; most keyboards can only handle a few keypresses at the same time. If 2 people try to play on the same keyboard, keys will likely lock up - and then people think it's a STK bug, while it's a keyboard issue.

    But we can probably support it anyway, I just need to find how to present that in the new GUI

  9. Hmm... I know quite a bit about that keyboard lock-up - it happened quite a lot to my friend and I while playing Cortex Command (Thankfully, I got a joystick soon after buying it). Still, the keyboard is still quite usable for two players, assuming they take a few precautions. Please still consider it ^^

    1. I have trouble firing backwards in multiplayer