August 20, 2009

SuperTuxKart 0.6.2 released

SuperTuxKart version 0.6.2 has just been released. This is a bugfix release, meaning that there is no additional or removed content, only improved stability and quality.
Download SuperTuxKart 0.6.2.


SuperTuxKart 0.6.2 (August 2009)
  • Bugfix: The game could crash in rare circumstances.
  • Bugfix: Restarting a GP (with the in-race menu ESC) would not subtract already allocated points.
  • Bugfix: A race could be finished with an invalid shortcut.
  • Bugfix: Playing a challenge after a splitscreen game would play the challenge in split screen.
  • Bugfix: Items explode over void.
  • Bugfix: Grass in castle arena slowed down the kart.
  • Bugfix: GP result showed kart identifier instead of name.
  • Improvement: there is now 1 sec. wait period for the race result screen, avoiding the problem that someone presses space/enter at the end of a race, immediately quitting the menu before it can be read.


  1. Nice work! It is nice to see you'r working on this really nice kart game.