April 16, 2011

0.7.1 for Windows Hotfix

Hi everyone,

unfortunately there was a major problem with the first Windows installer posted on our website : it included a version of STK that did not include all of the 0.7.1 commits. So if you are on Windows and you downloaded 0.7.1, please download again - the new package is called 0.7.1a.

Sorry for the inconvenience


  1. hola hay un problema con mi juego
    no se que es pero cuando le doy en race me reinicia la computadora
    ayudenme a solucionarlo porfa solo que quiero jugary no se como arreglarlo

  2. ¿Puedes ser más específico y describir cuál es el problema? Si usted puede escribir en Inglés que ayudaría a

    Can you be more specific and describe what the problem is? If you can write in English that would help

  3. He says that when he press start race his computer restarts itself.