April 4, 2011

SuperTuxKart 0.7.1 Release Candidate 1

SuperTuxKart 0.7.1 Release Candidate 1 is now available for download at https://sourceforge.net/projects/supertuxkart/files/SuperTuxKart/0.7.1/

This release features the following improvements over version 0.7 :
  • Particle  (smoke, splash, fire) and weather effects
  • New Fort Magma by Samuncle, new Shiny Suburbs track by Horace
  • Renamed many tracks to nicer names
  • Added internet news
  • Added optional minimal race UI
  • Added support for full-screen anti-aliasing
  • Support for live language switch
  • Clearer multiplayer setup
  • Basic level-of-detail (LOD) support
  • Debug features for track makers
  • Temporary invincibility after being hit
  • Replace more sounds to be DFSG-compliant
  • New Beagle kart by wolterh
  • Fixed character names that contain non-ASCII characters
  • Full RTL (right to left) support
  • Various other tweaks done and glitches fixed

Note that all translators should now head over to Launchpad and make sure all translations are as complete as possible!

Thanks to everyone who made this release possible!

Joerg and Auria


  1. Can I ask you, when will be final release?

  2. Hello

    First I want to say, my daughter and me like playing supertuxcart very much. So thank you very much.

    Could you help me please. How do I install this on the existing version in ubuntu?
    Thank you very much.

  3. Anonymous: no date is set, we'll have to see how many bug reports we get. But hopefully within a couple weeks.

    Dietmar: Glad you like it. :)
    You can get the static binary here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/supertuxkart/files/SuperTuxKart/0.7.1/supertuxkart-0.7.1-rc1-linux-glibc2.12-i686.tar.bz2/download
    Then just right-click on the file, click "Extract here", navigate to the directory and double-click on run_game.sh

  4. I want to thank you ! I love this game !

    A question though: the trees in "city" track are very nice. Why don't you use the same trees in "Tux toll way"?

  5. Don't Do Final Release!!!! I Want You To Make Us Download Supertuxkart 0.8.1