February 6, 2009

25.01.09 - 05.02.09 commit summary

  • Compilation fixes were made, among them GCC 4.4 fix
  • New music for 'Snow Mountain' track
  • 'Fort Magma' driveline tweaking
  • Several track and character selection issues fixed
  • A fullscreen to window mode bug was fixed
  • The camera "jump" at race start was fixed
  • 'Wilber' & 'Hexley' were made bigger
  • Terrain dependent slowdown when reversing added
  • Old config file bug was fixed
  • Improved run script for Linux added
  • 'Cave X' battle arena added
  • A few texture improvements were made
  • Various other bug fixes and code cleanup were accomplished
The developers have reported that they are making good progress with the switch from PLIB to Irrlicht, but currently there are no visible changes in trunk.

STK 0.6.1 work is mostly finished, but some work is still needed for the release; let's see what the next days can bring in this regard.

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