January 15, 2010

SuperTuxKart 0.7 alpha 1 is out

SuperTuxKart 0.7 alpha 1 released

After some long work porting SuperTuxKart to a new graphics engine, irrLicht, as a replacement for the old and outdated plib, we are proud to announce the first alpha release of the SuperTuxKart 0.7 development branch.

This version of SuperTuxKart is an Alpha release, and as such is not stable nor complete, and is meant solely for artists to port tracks over to the new format. This binary can be used by the curious to take a look at where STK is headed, but is not meant to be used to play.


Before reporting any bug, make sure to check the list of known TODOs at the following wiki page : [1]

For more information, take a look at the forum thread

--Auria 17:11, 15 January 2010 (UTC)


  1. screenshots or it didn't happen :)
    seriously, can anyone make side-by-side comparison screenshots between the old and new versions?

  2. congratulations on this huge step !!! i CANNOT wait to play this game ! i'll definitely give a try at the alpha version..

  3. OMFG! It's really a big step forward! I love the new version. Can't wait anymore. :-)