February 5, 2010

Feature chest, track exporter, new weapon ++

Okay, very much happening lately, so sorry if I forgot anything. I will try to summarize without leaving out important details - just notify me if you think I missed something.

New 'feature unlocked' animation

Looking for the treasure everywhere, even in the darkness of outer space, you finally got what you were looking for. The Beach track! :)

The track exporter has been updated again with most notably this feature (quoting the commit log message):
The lap counting line is now automatically taken from the first line of the main driveline.
This avoids problems of the kart order being inconsistent (if the driveline edge and
new lap line were not identical).
This means the current tracks probably got two lap counting lines now, and that would need to be fixed at least before the stable release.

The translation "mother-file" has been updated as well, to include a few strings that were missing. Furthermore, translations for Ukrainian and Simplified Chinese has been committed to SVN.

What's this?

Well, I can tell you. It's an improved version of the Lighthouse track, with actual light coming from the lighthouse! :D
But it's not only that. Presenting a new weapon (drum roll): the item swapper!
It works in this way: when using it, all good items (bonus boxes, nitro bottles) are turned into bananas, and all bananas are turned into bonus boxes for a limited amount of time. It makes the tracks more unpredictable, something I personally like. Use it before your opponents collects bonuses, and they will find themselves eating bananas like monkeys. But be careful: it affects you as well!

Last, but not least, Irrlicht 1.7 has been released. It fixes a couple of graphical issues present with STK + Irrlicht 1.6. Many thanks to the Irrlicht developers for always cooperating well with the STK developers.


  1. This looks pretty good, guy. Great work.

  2. Nice to see so much is going on, looking very much forward to STK 0.7!

  3. A tardist for STK 0.6.2a for SGI IRIX (MIPS4) has been made by Canavan. Download: http://www.supertuxkart.de/neko_supertuxkart-0.6.2a.tardist

  4. This game is fantastic!! Thank you so much.

  5. PLEASE PLEASE post something more about the game development!! from italy a ty for the nice work ;)

  6. Thank you very much, and don't worry, I will do that. ;)
    But as this blog mostly covers things interesting in a player's perspective, there are times when there just simply aren't new things to show off. This doesn't mean that development halts, but that they're simply working on the more technical bits of the game.
    Sometimes development also may halt for a little while because, frankly, there are just two main developers working on this project at the time being, and of course they have other things in life that's of higher importance.

    Whow; this became long! Thanks again for your encouragement. :)