January 31, 2011

STK 0.7 release - reception

With the major release of SuperTuxKart 0.7, which had been worked on for about a year and a half with lots of rewrites, refactoring and new features, we all got quite excited to see how it would be received by the public. Here's a few user responses on this blog:

Chon said...
Great work! It looks amazing and my kids are playing it non-stop.
Anonymous said...
I've just installed STK on Ubuntu. You did an awesome job. The game has improved a lot - especially the graphics. Now there's a game to show off on Linux. The challenges are great - not easy to solve, but not too tricky to get annoyed. I've been following the blog for about a year. Now I received a wonderful Chrismas present. You guys rock!
Charlie said...
It's incredible how far SuperTuxKart has come since being the Game of the Month project. Keep up the good work and thanks for all the effort you guys put into it!
Anonymous said...
Frickin' amazing! I was initially thinking "meh, Linux games are nothing to shake a stick at, and this has only semi-decent graphics judging by the intro screen." Then I started to play it, and I realized that it has some /really/ fun gameplay. As of 0.6.13, I'm impressed by the physics, the not-too-serious gameplay, the creativity of question mark boxes and kart interactions, intelligence and semi-realism of the computer-AI, and (sad as it is that I have to say) the stability. Great game!

Thank you *so* much for putting some clearly quality effort into this sucker.
Okay, I admit it; I took some of the most positive replies I could find, but apart from some bugs, the release was very well recieved, especially by recurring STK players.

The release was also covered by many other news sources, including our friends over at the FreeGamer blog. Linux Gamecast quickly made a review of RC1, while the bulk of traffic we got was from increasingly well-known OMG! Ubuntu blog and its sister site, Ubuntugamer.
I can't remember all the various sites spreading the word, but to all of you: thanks a lot! :)

Despite some gamepad issues, some bugs and some well-deserved critic, I think we can call SuperTuxKart 0.7 a success. But there's still lots to do, so if you want and are able to help us make this game better, please contact us. We don't bite. ;)


  1. I agree STK 0.7 is =great. I have STK 0.7 running beautifully on my mac and the SVN version on Kubuntu.

  2. The new STK is great and very enjoyable!

  3. Wow! What an improvement. Thanks, guys :-)

  4. Really like how it's been hyped up so much. needs more, obviously (uhuh. I'm nuts), but it's much better than the last version! Woohoo! Can't wait for the next!

  5. The game is great but I wouldn't mind a point release or two before I really start to enjoy it!

    However its a great new platform to build on!!

  6. I just played the final and though I played around a bit with a beta version I was really amased. The new tracks are very nice! Scotland was a complete surprise for me as I first did the challenges. The slipstream feature is hard to handle, but adds a lot to the fun!