February 19, 2013

Final Spurt and Showing Wiimote in Action

A bit less than 3 days to go in the race to become SoureForge's "Project of the Month". We were more than 30 votes ahead, then suddenly more than 50 votes behind, and now we are catching up. Only 10 votes missing to share the lead (and quite a few more to put us securely in first place).

We created a promotional video showing the upcoming wiimote support in SuperTuxKart - hopefully in 0.8.1. We couldn't help adding a call for votes - in English, German and Chinese by our little SuperTuxKart ambassador:

So we need every vote we can get - please support us and go to http://vote.supertuxkart.net to cast your vote. We have been told that using twitter is not convenient for many of our fans, but we don't really have a choice.

Any kind of advertising helps, too - best of all if you tweet about it (since your followers obviously have a twitter account), but also making a video about STK, posting appropriately in a forum, contacting your local radio or TV stations, ... Feel free to use the above video, since seeing the wiimote support is indeed a news-worthy item.

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  1. +1 for the ambassador, and congrats to the won competition