June 15, 2013

"Next gen tracks" sneak preview

Hello my name is Jean-Manuel Clemençon (aka samuncle)
I'm the lead graphics artist.
I have been a contributor for a while but this is my first post.

Graphics is an important aspect in our game and since the last version I worked hard to improve graphics.
I made a new track that shows what I'm planning for the future of supertuxkart and two major improvements.

Old (new) mine

I cleaned up the mesh but the most visible improvement is the new lighting system with several lightmaps (and some dynamic lights). It's also more interactive with a Minecart that can knock the player if he forgot to check the traffic light.


Lighthouse is a next gen track with around 70 000 poly (the average for a track is 20 000). It's the first track that uses our new vegetation shader for grass animation.

The track has also several animated objects like floating buoys in the sea and a dynamic skybox.

Zen Garden

When I made Zen garden in 2010 supertuxkart didn't support lightmaps. So I added some lights and a sunset. Caves are less empty with little blue fireflies.

 I'm not saying any more, you can discover by yourself ;)


  1. This looks _really_ cool. Nice work, everyone! I'm extremely excited to see the next release!

  2. I very Wonderful, Congratulations Samuncle ;)

    I'm Impatient now ^^

  3. Looks great! Keep up the good work!

  4. this is awesome, thanks!

  5. The new graphics look superb.
    Thanks for all your hard work, and the rest of the devs too of course :)

  6. Amazing job, samuncle!

  7. Amo supertuxkart! uno de mis juegos favoritos!
    Increíble trabajo! Felicidades :))