July 3, 2014

First sign of life

I wrote this blog post to share the good news: I just managed to play on a “track” I created with the editor!

The game uses only a single texture on the terrain currently.

The exporter is in a very early stage of development. It can create the files for the terrain and driveline. I had to write other required files myself, but it was nice to see that STK can read my “track”. The driveline worked too: the AI could follow it without a problem.

Nice skidding, but seconds later i flew away

We have a few other changes as well: the camera used for editing is now orthogonal, and we have a nice indicator kart, which moves and rotates with the camera, showing us the size of a kart from the game. Every change on the track is reversible now: doesn’t matter what went wrong, undo button will work!
I just realized how huge our animals are.


  1. Nice work. Can you upload a video of how a track is created as an example in your next update? This will help in getting more feedback of the many followers on this blog :)

    1. I think it would be too early to make a video at this stage.

    2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RopCCUPRAT0

    3. That's a very early build. It already changed a lot, and it is still work in progress.

      Not my laziness was the reason for not making a video update ;)

  2. Keep up the good work!

  3. Oh, someone from Hungary. Good job, the game is getting better with every update!

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