February 20, 2017

Game of the year awards 2016

We're back with the news that two prolific Linux websites nominated SuperTuxKart for their Game of the Year awards of 2016. While we did not win in any category at GamingOnLinux.com, we got some pretty positive ratings. In the category Favourite open source game we got 3rd place with just under 50 votes cast for STK. In the category Best update released in 2016 we got 2nd place with over 30 votes, and we are very happy with this ranking considering both free software and commercial titles were mixed together.

Long-running forum LinuxQuestions.org had their annual user polls for various categories, and we were lucky to win the category Open Source Game of the Year for 2016 with 19 votes. While it's quite a low number of votes there were 38 games to choose from, so naturally the overall number of votes got very spread out.

OmgUbuntu.co.uk had their list of best Linux games in 2016 at the end of last year, which we sadly forgot to include in the previous blog post, but better late than never. Their list is based on, and I quote:
Naturally, the list that follows is absolutely subjective. It’s based not on sales, or critical ranking, but on the titles we’ve played, seen you enthuse about playing, or have racked up some serious cool points for the Linux Gaming Platform™ as a whole (i.e. the obvious hits that one has to have in a list like this, at this time of the year, or be mocked on social media for).
So even though they did not have any reader poll like the other website, their list contains only 7 games including commercial ones. We feel honored to have both GOL readers, the LinuxQuestions community and OMG!Ubuntu! editors consider SuperTuxKart among one of the best games of the previous year. And we are confident the upcoming release will continue in the same vein, or track as it may be.

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