March 1, 2009

20.02.09-28.02.09 commit summary

  • The music for 'Snow Mountain' was updated
  • Lots of texture replacements due to unwanted licenses were made
  • Better explosion handling was implemented
The Irrlicht implementation is still progressing nicely. Height computation, items that rotates and can be collected, and improved XML handling/support is among the work done in the last days.


  1. ... and don't forget lots of silent/invisible but real work by Hiker to load and display track models, and by me to write the new GUI :) No screenshots yet though, for it's not yet even alpha-quality

  2. Thanks you guys for this awesome game!!! :)

  3. when 0.7 will be released..italian linux gamers will be informed through UbuntuBible..;)..

    good work guys..