March 12, 2009

01.03.09-11.03.09 commit summary

  • An improvement for the 'Mozilla' kart was added
  • Catalan translation was added
  • New track 'Secret Garden' was added, to make sure it won't be forgotten for 0.7
  • Configuration and highscore files in Windows are now stored in $APPDATA/supertuxkart (instead of .). This avoids problems with losing configuration and highscores when uninstalling the game (e.g. while installing a newer version)
Lots of work on the Irrlicht part has been done lately. Actually, it's so much I won't write any of it here, but I'll rather make a more informative post once I've got some questions cleared out with the developers (things are changing quite rapidly now).


  1. Congratulations.

    They are amazing news.


  2. i would really recommend Ogre3D instead of Irrlicht. It is more supported, more used and i bet it is better. Also, the ogre material systems and particles are MUCH better.

  3. Whoa! Very nice to see so much upgrades on this game :) Though.. I think it's finally time to improve the Tux character to look more tux-ish and not round-ish =) Congrats on the nice work so far!

  4. razor85: My initial preference would have gone to Ogre too. However irrLicht does have a few advantages, namely it runs great on embedded devices, and supports better low-end systems with less powerful graphics card. But anyway, it's not me you'd need to convince, it's hiker ;) The choice of a graphics engine was the source of long discussions. Now that the port to irrlicht was started it's probably not going to change

  5. I have a question: Can STK support Chinese characters? I want translate it to Chinese.