July 7, 2011

SuperTuxKart 0.7.2 RC2 has been released

Hi all,

we have just release a second release candidate for 0.7.2.  Compared to 
the first release candidate the following issues have been fixed or been 
* New beastie kart
* Crash on linux when using the addon manager.
* Fixed crash when stk couldn't save downloaded addons.
* Potential crash when removing addons.
* Properly detect system language on Windows.
* Incorrect rescue (e.g. on city track)
* End of race music was fixed.
* Updated translations, minor improvements to some models

You may found packages at

Please test and provide feedback! 
PS: For people still on 0.7.1, here the important changes in 0.7.2 again:
* Added in-game addon manager ( see http://stkaddons.net/ )
* Fixed major memory leaks (STK will no longer saturate your memory after half a dozen races)
* New Snow Peak track by Samuncle
* Improved star track UFO by Rudy
* Show when you get a highscore
* Improve gamepad configuration under Windows (add ability to tell gamepads apart)
* Various other tweaks done and glitches fixed


  1. That RC2 is quite promising. The BSD kart looks awesome and provides a good driving experience - it might become my favourite kart.
    My suggestions/ feedback to improve stk:

    * Swatter: Create a new icon for the swatter item. Maybe this is a bug. On my latest checkout of the trunk the swatter icon is a bomb. The swatter model doesn't really resemble to a swatter to me. Why don't you use the model and icons presented in the forums (a mechanical hand holding a green swatter). I know that this swatter version uses more screen space. But eventually I got to know what the item is that I'm using. The swatter usage is a little bit more special than other items - it took me a while to be able to use it effectively. When I got an anchor/ bomb or another nasty item, using the swatter removes it. When overtaking other players or when I am going to be overtaken the probability to hit an opponent is quite high. It's really fun to hit an opponent. But maybe the punishment (havling the top speed for a long time) is too severe compared to other items.

    * Icon display bug: At the end of the race the items I'm holding are still displayed, although I can't use it since the race is over. (This bug appears at least in the multiplayer mode.)

  2. Hi,

    the swatter is only in trunk, not in 0.7.2; so we have time to fix it until 0.7.3 :)

    Reagrding the weapons icons, thanks, I created a ticket

  3. Hi, I have found this bug:
    in the challenge mode the gamepad don't work but only the keyboard work.
    I have tested the windows version on xp with the logitech dual action gamepad.

    However this is a great game, thank you.

  4. Hi michele, thanks for the report, I will investigate

  5. I have in linux all supertuxkart bug gamepad logitech dual action. On when pressed for more than three keys at once always stops working acceleration and acceleration must stop squeezing and then press the other car coming.