July 15, 2011

SuperTuxKart 0.7.2 final released

Hi all,

we have just released SuperTuxKart 0.7.2:

New features:
* Added in-game addon manager
* Fixed major memory leaks
* New Snow Peak track by Samuncle
* Improved star track UFO by Rudy
* New Beastie kart.
* Show when you get a highscore
* Improve gamepad configuration under Windows (add ability to tell gamepads apart)
* Various other tweaks done and glitches fixed

The files can be downloaded from our download page.

We hope you will enjoy this release! Feedback as always is welcome (best in our forum).


  1. When I run "sh run_game.sh" in my terminal, I am getting this:

    "bin/supertuxkart: error while loading shared libraries: libcurl.so.4: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"

    What should I do to fix it?
    -- Ubuntu 11.04

  2. @Lelkoun sudo apt-get install libcurl3

  3. I'm waiting until arch linux updates it's irrlicht package (which is currently too old :-/) and then it's playtime ;-)

  4. Sebastian: we have pre-build binaries for linux, which also include the appropriate irrlicht version. Just unpack and run. Since we depend on an 'in between' irrlicht version, it is unlikely that this irrlicht version will actually be available, so you would have to wait for irrlicht 1.8 (and then for a release of STK that works with 1.8, which STK 0.7.2 might not).

  5. good work!!! This is a very adorable game!!!!
    I mean, I'm playing at this game since its first release, you have done a lot of progress. Now I prefer playing to super tux kart instead of mario kart!
    W Tux, W open source

  6. very nice game, very nice improvements

    so, thanks for the good work!

    but how does the addon manager work? i downloaded the windows version of stk, and if i click the addon manager, nothing happens

  7. Anonymous, maybe you can post on the forum? Clicking on the add-ons buton is supposed to work, unless the small "hourglass" icon is still on it, in case it's loading, or if a red mark icon appears on it, in which case there was an error connecting to the server

  8. @Auria: don't want to register for another forum. Problem is solved.

    Your answer helped me a lot: it was the red mark icon. First I assumed that there was a problem with my firewall settings, but no: "Internet STK news" has to be turned on in the UI options - sounds quite bizarre, but obviously this is the switch to turn on/off internet communication in STK.

  9. Hey, you guys have any plans of submitting your game to Desura?

  10. Desura seems to focus on commercial games, not sure if they would accept in STK. In any case feel free to ask them but we don't have time to submit STK ourselves

  11. I think that it would be necessary to make more cartoon design, to improve the graphics and the textures of the characters and the cars.
    And I think that it would be necessary to make a web site of the more beautiful and better organized game.

  12. I currently opened a thread on Desura's Linux forums for adding STK to their catalogue, it looks like they'd support it if someone would maintain it there... ;)

    Link to the forum's post:

  13. you are wrong anonymous this think will not download