September 20, 2022

SuperTuxKart 1.4 Release Candidate 1 available!

We are happy to announce the release of the first release candidate for STK 1.4!

This release mainly focuses on visual changes, notably our collectable items now have a more dynamic and polished way to interact with players:

Huge thanks to Semphris for this great contribution!

Our wonderful artists Typhon and Ai_ZAQraven also updated some karts and tracks for us:

Battle Island and Cave X now have received a revamp done by Typhon

Konqi now has a newer and maturer look and the newly added mascot Godette demonstrated Ai_ZAQraven's impressive and sophisticated way to create lively characters. Godette is the mascot of the Godot Engine.

Visit his Youtube channel and there are some making videos for the above karts.

Last but not least this release features an experimental Vulkan renderer, based on our research and testing we have made sure it works on a variety of (rare) devices. We tested so far:
  • RPI4
  • Apple iPhone simulator (MoltenVK)
  • Dozen (Mesa Vulkan on DirectX12 driver, latest Git build)
  • ... and much more
Great job Microsoft!

Anyone who would like to give it a try can either:
  • In a networking lobby type "/vulkan" ("/gl" to revert) and restart STK
  • Start supertuxkart binary with the argument "--render-driver=vulkan"
  • Edit config.xml in configuration folder and change "gl" to "vulkan" for the "render_driver" setting
We hope you enjoy this release, get it here now!


  1. found a bug when playing on keyboard when you use nitro you cant turn right

    1. This is a wide-spread issue and mostly occurs with cheaper keyboards, independent of the game you play. I encountered it several times.


  3. Hello STK! I'm a long-time STK player and I can't find a way to get notified by new STK releases (including beta and RC releases) via email (RSS is not so hot these days). Can STK provide such an option (e.g. newsletter subscription)? -ZY


  5. Touchups to editing of announcement suggested: The 3 bulleted options to enable Vulkan: please reverse their order. Put the easiest one first (since no command line arg, no text file editing). Also please bold the word "either" just before the list of 3.

  6. Really exciting to see that you are including RPI4 vulkan-support!!!

  7. Hey STK we hopefully super tux kart 1.4 final release before 2.0

  8. This is soooo cool!!! I tried it with the Vulkan renderer on a Raspberry Pi 4 in fullHD, and it was snappy!!! On 1.3 with OpenGL only a few courses were playable, now all can be played, and there is a lot more detail on the surfaces. I had an exciting afternoon with my little nephews in multiplayer mode. Thanks again for making sure it works well on Raspi (standard PiOS 64-bit. The build went clean!)

  9. I noticed a bug on Windows None of Sky Box tracks load right there missing the the sky and just blackness for the sky

    1. I've got the same problem with a brandnew Ryzen /AMD Graphic PC

  10. I have exactly the same vulkan error but in GNU/Linux with FlatPak.