April 25, 2009

Did you know? 10 facts and claims about STK

Did you know that
  • STK is ranked as 219 in "Games" at SourceForge, and the amount of SourceForge downloads is 503 802?
  • a search at Google for "supertuxkart" results in around 106 000 pages?
  • the SuperTuxKart forum has in total 3644 messages inside 308 topics?
  • this blog has over 2500 pageviews?
  • version 0.6(.1a) is considered to be the first fun version of SuperTuxKart by its project leader?
  • the developers wants to blur the "MarioKart" and "TuxKart" stamps, making STK a game more on its own?
  • there's even a Facebook group named "SuperTuxKart Addicts"?
  • SDL will be dropped for 0.7?
  • the 0.7 version will feature at least one new track?
  • YOU can make a difference either by contributing to STK, or by giving a donation?

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