April 15, 2009

[No Joking!] Work on the irrLicht port

I'll now post my long-awaited review of "STK irrLicht" progress, with a few screenshots.

First, let's take a look at the main menu screen.

What "works":
'Race', 'Options', 'Help' and 'Quit'.

Visually the green hover circle animation (yes, it's a small animation) is too glossy, and the STK developers would like some ideas/contribs on hover. Most of the icons will probably be replaced too, so contributions are highly welcome.

The 'Help' screen

What "works":
Everything, but some graphical change is still needed.
Notice the "Back to main menu" button - I think it got a neat look. :)

The track selection screen

What "works":
Almost nothing. Every track icon you click on leads to the same level. (Addition by Auria: the reason behind this lack of functionality is simply that at this time, we have only 2 tracks converted to the new format! watch the forums, once we believe the track setup is stable enough we might ask for help with converting all tracks and karts to the new format :) )

But as a show-off it's certainly interesting, as it shows how track selection might be in 0.7. Notice the small arrows which will later lead to more tracks, as well as the different tabs at the bottom. The kart selection screen also got tabs to deal with different kart groups.

Racing in revision 3386

What "works":
Driving around, items, nitro and playing with gamepad.

Not too much to see yet - I guess some of you may be disappointed by the looks, but remember changing from PLib to irrLicht isn't done in a day. The developers know how much is missing, and they are working at their own pace to make STK 0.7 better than - not worse than - SuperTuxKart 0.6.1a.
Small addition by Auria : Also, consider this is almost a total rewrite in the graphics area, therefore we are starting from nothing, so we first need to get to the plib level before going beyond ;)

Regarding the "burning trees", it's only a bug caused by trying to implement explosions - quite a rare sight! One of the funniest looking bugs at the moment.

And by the way; "works" means that it kind of works, though it's not in a finished state.

A few additions by Auria :)
* The font used in the menu is going to be replaced with a better one
* Icons are currently scaled down with very poor quality; irrLicht developers were informed of this limitation, and they promised it would improve in next version of irrLicht
* The current background image can't stay in for license reasons; we'll need to get someone to make another one. This might be a good thing anyway, because the current placeholder has dark and light areas, which makes it hard to find a font color readable everywhere
* Lots of work also happened in the input module; someone who'd never been able to play STK using his gamepad reported that all worked fine in the new branch. Also, input configurations will no longer be tied to a specific player, which means you can play sometimes with gamepad, sometimes with keyboard, and don't have to reconfigure everytime like in 0.6. Last but not all, 0.7 will be able to tell which gamepad model you're using, which means you can use a different configuration for different gamepad models.


To sum up, there's still much work to do, and to all possible contributors - come on, join in, we need you! ;)
Note: As the irrLicht branch is still in a very unstable state, the general public is recommended to use the last stable version (0.6.1a) of SuperTuxKart.


  1. I have to say that I did get a little disapointed by the last image, but I also trust you when you say it's going to be improved, and I really like the interface screenshots!!!

  2. Hello,

    Gallaecio - we shouldn't expect to much from 0.7, because at this stage they are rewriting everything to irrLicht. This is hardest part, but after that part is finished, there surely will be room for improvements in future versions.

    I see it in that way:
    0.7 - rewriting to irrlicht, not many user visible changes, but *LOT* of changes under the hood
    > 0.7 - using irrlicht for new stuff (better graphics)

    Or am i wrong? Do you plan to enhance graphic in 0.7?

  3. Anonymous: pretty much :) though we would of course like to add some improvements to show new features

  4. @ Gallaecio: I have to admit first time I checked out irrLicht branch, I also got a bit disappointed. But as I wrote, it's certainly going to get better. :)

    @ Anonymous: As Auria says, you're quite right regarding the race graphics, but a new GUI is a big leap on the visual side IMO. Support for animations in-race is also being worked on, but as you say the next versions will probably be more focused on making the actual models. Still, this depends on the amount of contributions.

  5. Unbelievable! It looks awesome! I tell you awesome! Keep up the great work!

  6. Hmm ... it looks good, but: How do I "click" on icons? I have tried to build supertuxkart-irrlicht, but it doesn't react to inputs (I cannot even select anything), neither to gamepads nor to mouse nor to keyboard-actions.

  7. You should post this on the mailing-list instead, and you would get more accurate answers if you include more details as well.

  8. I think I'm going to get this just so I can gaze at the GUI all day. That's some real style there, you know? Much better than square buttons, a single font, and buttons that were actually instructions... :)

  9. Hello to the administrator of this page, I'm not English but I like your game especially Supertuxkart version 0.8.1. I wanted to say that I need help deny that is to say I have slightly modified version 0.8.1, the problem is that I need to change the interface in this version as in previous (0.6.1 and 0.6.2), can you give me a tutorial or example please it's urgent because I really like your game. thank you.

  10. ps: it's a little montage