April 6, 2009

New skin for the web site

Tom Jenkins from icecubewebdesign.co.uk has designed a new skin for the SuperTuxKart homepage. If you have any concerns, don't hesitate to give feedback; the website is still to evolve =)
The blog will also adapt the new design, hopefully soon.

The GUI for 0.7 might as well take inspiration from it, though this isn't decided yet.

Happy wiki surfing! ;)

EDIT: Blog style now updated accordingly :)


  1. Great new design. But the navigation bar could need some improvement (this was also on the old site a problem). The links doesn't change on hover. There should be some "dynamics", like colored background on hover, or at least underlining or bolding or such things.

  2. Tell Tom it looks really great! :D

  3. Nice new Website! Looks great!
    But I'd like it a little more if the log in is taking place right on the Main Page.
    For example: a link like 'Log in' in the navigation and by hovering it, the boxes where we can enter our username and password are appearing. That would be cool.
    But apart from that, nice work!